Making a Difference

Making a Difference

Making a DifferenceMaking a DifferenceMaking a Difference
Romeo was a 5 year old Bischon Frise.  He was a rescue with medical issues, bad knees, cancer

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Our Team

The Melillo Family in conjunction with The Pets I love Veterinary Hospital are committed to helping dogs and cats who are in need of medical attention, rescue  and rehoming!   We offer scholarship funds for Seniors who open their homes to Senior pets.  We provide advocacy, support, spay and neutering.  While we understand that we can't save the world, we recognize that nothing is too little when it comes to our rescue program.  Do you want to make a difference?  There are many ways that you can help to support this 501 (c) (3).  100 percent of all the contributions go to supporting the animals!  Think you would be a good fit?  Contact us at


Our History

Romeo's Rescue was born out of love.  Our family always adopted rescue dogs and cats.  In 2014, we adopted a 9 month old Bichon named Romeo.  Romeo had been caged in a flea market and was rescued by Shih Tzus & Furbabies  (a small breed dog rescue organization).   While he had some physical issues that required medical attention, he was sweet and lovable and just wanted to love and be loved.  At a tender age of five,  Romeo developed Cancer.  Mast Cell Tumor was the specific diagnosis.  We understood that Romeo's tumor was very small and graded a very low stage 2  and felt confident that we caught it early enough and that he would continue to have a full and happy life.  Less than 5 months later, he developed a huge Mast Cell on his lymph node. After consulting with an Oncologist, we agreed  that we needed to remove the cell.


It was extremely rare that his cancer was so aggressive after the  initial tumor had been removed.  These cells are unpredictable and Romeo was clearly in the 1% of dogs that follow this rare aggressive path.  We felt as if our world had been pulled out from under us.  We were able to start chemo 3 days a week at home and Romeo had responded quite well the first two months.  The cancer had not spread into any of the other organs at this point and while we knew the prognosis was still not good, we were committed to ensuring that Romeo had the best and happiest life he could for however long he was able to.  Unexpectedly, Romeo had an acute Pancreatitis attack and from there the cancer spread into the liver and progressively he was spiraling downward.  The hardest part for any fur baby parent is to make the decision to act kindly and humanely while knowing that you did everything in your power to support your precious pet.  While we have adopted many animals over the last 30+ years and have had our share of trials and tribulations, this was heart wrenching and we couldn't come to terms with Romeo's life being cut so short and made to suffer so.  We knew immediately that we wanted to do more and help others who would go through what we did.  While we understand we can't save every animal, it is our goal to know that Romeo's Rescue will make a difference.      


Our Goals

Our Goal, Romeo's Rescue, was born to ensure our furry friends receive the medical care they need and find the forever homes they so much deserve. 

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What We specialize IN


Medical/ Rescue..Foster..Re-home/ Senior for Seniors

Keeping a pulse on dogs & cats in Orange County NY who need our services!

Medical Treatment

We understand that our fur babies need to be cared for with medical treatment and not everyone has the means to do so.  Please apply for our ROMEOSHIP which will allocate funding for medical attention that is in need. 


Please check out our adoptable pets near Monroe, NY who are in need of fostering or re-homing.  We will also promote information to help lost pets reconnect with their owners.

Senior to Senior

Are you able to provide a clean, safe home to a dog or cat that is over 8 years old?   There are all different levels of care for our senior community of pets. Most importantly, these wonderful companions really just need to be loved and cared for.  They will love you back and that is beautiful!  Please reach out and let us know if you are able to open your home to one of our adoptable Senior Fur Babies!