Making a Difference

Making a Difference

Making a DifferenceMaking a DifferenceMaking a Difference
Two black and white cats with one golden cat available for adoption in Monroe, NY.

Adoptable Pets

Adopoptable Cats in Monroe, NY


 Our Two Black & White Female Feline Beauties

  • Cat experienced homes only, especially those with feral cat experience! 
  • Up to date on all vaccines.

These two beautiful black and white females are very shy and will need time to acclimate to a new home. They are food driven and with time and proper handling, can make good pets. They LOVE to cuddle and clean one another, so if we could, we would love to see them adopted together (but will separate).

Crookshanks, the Golden Male Feline

  • Up to date on all vaccines.
  • FeLV/FIV negative.

Our resident orange cat, Crookshanks, is a loveable little guy. He is very food driven and loves to have his head and chin scratched. You can always find him at the top of the cat tree grooming his siblings and cuddling. Crookshanks will make a wonderful housecat for a family or single person. Cat experienced home preferred, but please still do inquire about our gorgeous boy if you are smitten by him and do not have any cat experience. 😊

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